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Textile Design students

Naomi Povey

Blue, green and yellow symmetric patterns by MA Textile Design student Naomi Povey
Multiple items in pattern created by MA Textile Design student Naomi Povey
Bright coloured items created by MA Textile Design student Naomi Povey
Two sketches of models wearing Naomi Povey's MA Textile Design garments

As a textile designer my primary ambition is to bring chic, bold designs to a market looking for something individual. Through my work I aim to establish a bespoke collection that offers my customer the opportunity to own something that serves a purpose and makes a statement.

My inspiration originates from the Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements, from which I create pattern through a combination of hand, digital and printed techniques on velvet and silk. My overall aim is to create heirloom objects, including homeware, wallpaper and clothing, that people treasure through generations. For me, the longevity of my pieces is a sustainable goal and my most fervent hope.

I’ve created wooden mannequins to show how my designs work together to create a rich, opulent and elegantly ornate style.


Lizzie Starling