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Lizzie Kimbley

Multiple stands of thread organised by MA Textile Design student Lizzie Kimbley
Weaved garment by MA Textile Design student Lizzie Kimbley
Twine and twings intertwined together
Pink wool and green / brown thread next to a book

My work is a celebration of the beauty of nature; with the hope that connection to place and nature can inspire us to consider the value of the materials we use every day.

Inspired by the Cradle to Cradle approach (Braungart and McDonough), my research and practice focus on responsible and circular design. I am concerned with the lifecycle of materials and how we can design and create to keep materials in use. I use natural materials, often those that are locally found or a waste stream from another design process, that can be recycled or will biodegrade so no trace is left behind.

Walking and a connection to place are central to my practice. Working at Wheatfen Nature Reserve on the Norfolk Broads, making perambulatory drawings and gathering materials for natural dye has led to work that speaks of the landscape. Research into the archive records of Phyllis Ellis, who lived at Wheatfen, has led to meditative work that explores how daily observations can connect us to the landscapes in which we are rooted.

One of six artists selected to take part in the ‘Woven Waters’ project with the Broads Authority, I will be exhibiting at the Hostry, Norwich Cathedral in December 2019.


Dubery Brogden East Anglia Art Fund Scholarship

Bradford Textile Society, The British Wool Award, 3rd prize – 2018

Bradford Textile Society, The British Wool Award, 1st prize – 2016

Angela Houston Award for Textiles – 2016 and 2015

Bradford Textile Society, Clothworkers’ Foundation Award, 2nd prize – 2015


Sir John Hurt Art Prize, Holt – 2019

Bishops Art Prize, Norwich – 2019

MA and Other Postgraduates 2019, Somerset

Two Lives in Colour, Norwich – 2019

New Designers, London – 2017

NUA Degree Show – 2017


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