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Daisy Gyapong

Purple flower Textile Design by Daisy Gyapong
Purple flowers on a textile designed by Daisy Gyapong
Koi fish and flowers merged into one image by Textile Design student Daisy Gyapong


My work has always been inspired by my love of travelling the world, experiencing new cultures and documenting these as textile prints. The work I create always begins with detailed paintings which are then translated into bold, textile prints. I work in both a hand-painted polychromatic style and an illustrative digitally print style of textile design both being motivated by my passion for drawing and painting.

My recent work throughout my Master’s study has been an exploration of East Asian imagery and tradition. Inspired by a trip to Japan, my master’s project is a collection of hand painted and digitally printed silk fabrics. I have used traditional Chinese brushes and techniques to create a sketchbook of paintings. I aimed to capture both the traditional and modern sides of Japan which coexist in harmony, this includes architecture, nature and animals. I aim for this collection to give the viewer a sense of the beauty of Japanese imagery and tradition.

Instagram: @Daisyabenadesign

Etsy: Daisyabenatextiles

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