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Textile Design students

Chloe-Ellen Wells

This project builds on my continued fascination with plastic and its manipulation using heat. My practice pushes textile material boundaries using unconventional tools not usually associated with the textiles discipline such as a heat gun and a soldering iron. Using these tools, laser cut sequins made from recycled plastic bottles are attached to the surface of woven fabrics. I am interested in the reuse of waste resources to make something beautiful and am driven by the global pollution crisis caused by single use plastics. Unique aesthetics and textures are enabled using the heat tools to mark and scorch the cloth. In places the fabric is drawn in on itself under the manipulation of heat to create intriguing three-dimensional textures. I am interested in exploring the concept of ‘grotesque beauty.’ through material manipulation. Taking mould as my inspiration, I have subverted its gross connotation reproducing the textures and colours through the textiles medium.

Lizzie Starling

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