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Textile Design students

Charlotte O’Connor

Textiles fabric embroidered with a poppy flower and imagery by Charlotte O'Connor at Norwich University of the Arts
Golden bee embroidered on textiles
White fabric with embroidered poppy by MA Textile Design student Charlotte O'Connor

Story behind the stitch

My interest is hand embroidery, I developed an interest in embroidery and specifically the craftsmanship of traditional techniques within stitch through my time on the MA. I am passionate about exploring the various stitches using history as my core inspiration of context proposing new ideas within this area. This involves constant research and to put into practice new found techniques and approaches through experimentation and making changes either with the design or materials.

My research has primarily been the various historic embroidery stitches and using this through experimentation. My practice relies on inspiration through history, nature, and family through the use of stitch and bringing it forward to modern day.

Through my practice I want to be able to communicate my passion of embroidery through my designs and be relatable to gain an interest and curiosity of the story behind the stitch. Not only is the designs of my embroidery being inspired by nature but also my connections, using traditional craft to highlight these areas. Using flowers that have meaning, and old family photos to bring a personal connection and story which celebrates my connection of who I am.


Lizzie Starling