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Neil Piper

MA Photography by Neil Piper showing a bridge and construction
Neil Piper MA Photography of trees and landscape

With this work I wanted to photograph any remaining traces of the long dismantled Southwold narrow gauge railway line.  I wanted to document the route, and any existing proof that it existed be that scaring on the landscape, or physical artefacts that still remain.  Partly documentary, partly a series of images that presented the landscape in ethereal, almost dreamlike aesthetic – like an almost forgotten memory of something.

I have a fascination with the idea and the technical qualities of making and using pinhole cameras and the idea of recording – or elongating the passage of time that an image is created over, and really just the idea of being somewhere observing, and taking in a place or a situation whilst an image is being absorbed onto the film – rather than a split second moment being snatched from time.

Looking at turn of the 19th century imagery of the railway I was drawn to creating my digital scan from my film in a sepia toned aesthetic, and have now challenged myself to learn the appropriately coloured Van Dyke Brown printing process – it is these alternative process prints that I am presenting as my final MA show.


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