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Megan Thomas

MA Photography artwork by Megan Thomas
MA Photography artwork by Megan Thomas
MA Photography artwork by Megan Thomas

As a landscape photographer the natural environment provides a focal point for my work, acting as subject and inspiration whilst also providing materials for image making. Long-term awareness of an environment allows for elements of slow art practice – appreciation for detail and a chance to experience the seasonality of a landscape. Being a year-long project, this work has allowed me to express and document the visual changes, cycles of nature and passing of time within the landscape.

Inspired by the innovative work of photographer Matthew Brandt, who includes materials with a direct connection to his subject within his prints, my current practice revolves around the physical nature of a photograph and how natural materials from the landscape could be integrated into a print.

This series utilises birch bark as a printing surface, providing a tangible piece of the environment on which to display the photograph. The use of organic materials creates prints that naturally change and evolve over time, just like the landscape from which they come and allows for the exploration of creative, alternative photography whilst being mindful of the environmental impacts of the work.


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