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Jemma Dickel

Woman standing outside a building in a suit, with glasses on, by MA Photography student Jemma Dickel
Woman smoking a cigarette in a suit, a black and white photo by MA Photography student Jemma Dickel

Throughout my Masters Degree at Norwich University of the Arts I have focused my practice on feminism and the underrepresentation of female artists, inspired by the ‘Visible Women’ exhibition at Norwich Castle in 2018. Nowadays I feel as though the topic of feminism is completely misunderstood and this is what drove my practice into creating portraits and a magazine to celebrate the female artists of today and show the truth behind the under-representation of women in galleries – the shocking truth is that only 7% of art in exhibitions is the work of a woman, and I aim to make people aware of this fact.

My photographic technique is creating gritty, urban and raw portraits to explore culture, social class and personal issues and beliefs. I have used this autoethnographic approach to create work which allows me to express my words without having to say them and to raise awareness and influence change.

My research comes from sources such as contemporary artists for example, Sally Mann, Nan Goldin and Cindy Sherman and interviews with the hugely inspiring subjects I photograph which are often fellow female artists.. I have studied and interviewed many women for this project – and we will not rest until we are represented.


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