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Danielle Keane

MA Photography work by Danielle Keane depicting a man lying on the floor in a jacket and trousers
MA Photography work by Danielle Keane depicting a man sat in a room wearing a green flowy top and trousers
MA Photography work by Danielle Keane, image of a girl in a red dress leaning back in a field

Whether in terms of genre within photography or of gender representation this work aims to reject the traditional boundaries through exploring the confluence of contemporary art and fashion photography. It looks at the sculptural qualities of the human form at times isolated within the studio and at others in relation to interior space or open landscape.

The work is inspired by photographers and artists such as Erwin Wurm, Viviane Sassen and Jamie Hawkesworth who engage with a variety of audiences and embrace ambiguity and transcend boundaries and constraints of their field. It advocates a future for fashion photography that is more inclusive, more feminist and less binary.

By casting my female gaze upon the subject, the work aims to question and challenge received gender binaries through exploring the potentials of a future that can be more fluid. ‚Äč

Lizzie Starling

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