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Blair Chandler

MA Photography work by Blair Chandler, a man in a yellow shirt in front of a pink backdrop.
MA Photography work by Blair Chandler, a man in front of a blue backdrop with glasses on and a blue shirt.
MA Photography work by Blair Chandler, a woman in trousers and a top on a white stool in front of a yellow backdrop

I am primarily a fashion photographer. I am interested in found fashion and style and exploring subjects of self-expression through the context of what they wear and how they present themselves to the world.

I am particularly interested in those that are transgressive in their approach to gender roles. Through my studio practice, I have set out to document contemporary trends within youth culture and explore the relationship between fashion, gender, identity and of course, self-expression.

Today’s freedom within fashion is what really draws me to my subjects and a desire to capture their everyday clothes and styles to highlight the individuality that we all hold.

Experimenting with stills and moving image and exploring the possibilities of these media in terms of light, colour and texture I aim to balance a conceptually motivated fashion documentation of youth with a commercially viable final outcomes to create a fresh and critically engaged approach to high street fashion.’

Lizzie Starling

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