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Yiyi Chen

MA Communication Design work by Yiyi Chen showing a blue rectangle with a hand over it

As a documentary film director, I always discover, observe, and construct stories based on my personal experience that I believe the audience can understand and reflect on their own life. However, for my Masters Project, I’ve taken the same principle with a different approach. I aim to produce a conventional narrative with various experimental concepts in order to convey my struggle to sleep paralysis.

I have suffered sleep paralysis for more than fifteen years in my life. As a sleep disorder, sleep paralysis is caused by the interaction between a person’s external experience (individuals and places in a person’s everyday life) and the internal world (feelings, thoughts, and emotions). Sigmund Freud believed that we could learn much about an individual through the interpretation of dreams. The idea of the work also refers to Carl Jung’s dream theory to explore the symbolic imagery of the dream world.

Through my research and development of work, I have realised my suffers from sleep paralysis occurred more often when I move to a new area. This kind of phobia to the environment may be related to its lack the sense of security. So, in this work, I set the scene in a common dormitory, where I use distorted lighting, suspenseful shadow, and Psychedelic colors to create irrational fear. My goal is to depict my dream world, and visualise the hallucination in my nightmare to provide the audience a sense of “seeing and feeling.”

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