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Louise Singfield

MA Moving Image and Sound work by Emma Singfield

Life and death is a cycle and our bodies can contribute back to the earth if we allow this to happen.

I am attempting to understand death, how it affects the environment and why this should concern us. I investigated  natural funerary practices as an alternative to the pollutive, toxic nature of embalming and cremation. I am interested in death, not grieving. My work is about impermanence. I am interested in looking at what death is and how it is part of the human experience. Ageing and dying is part of life, not something to run away from, as Western contemporary culture seems to encourage.

My work, Mortal is animated using hand drawn 2d animation techniques. I chose this method because it is all done by hand, which I felt added a rough, human touch to the work. This was important to me as, if the piece was very minimal and clean it would have felt clinical and medical rather than having the feeling of warmth, human imperfection and a sense of enfolding back into the earth.

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