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Jeremie Le Colleter

MA Moving Image and Sound work by Jeremie Le Colleter showing a sculpture head covered in paint
Still from MA Moving Image and Sound student Jeremie Le Colleter's work showing person working in workshop
MA Moving Image and Sound work by Jeremie Le Colleter

« Chaos is the first step in the creative process. »

Jill Bolte Taylor

I am a video producer specialising in music video but for my Masters Project, I wanted to explore the creative practice itself and in particular the areas surrounding creativity that remain mysterious.  Taking this theme as my main subject area, my production asks a number of enigmatic questions:  Why do humans have ideas? Where do ideas come from? What exactly makes us creative? I wanted to research the hesitations and interrogations that artists inhabit.  I wanted to take a camera and enter the artist’s laboratory. This is where I choose to work with fellow MA Student and Artist – Doron Beuns.

Beun’s work is concerned with “making” and the process of making is part of his art in itself. With many other artists, I would not have felt capable of filming the creative process, because I would have felt like breaking some kind of intimacy.

I believe Art should remain an puzzle and the point of this film is to approach the place where an artist is driven to make, the artistic process rather than to reveal any final resolution about the creative process.

Lizzie Starling

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