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Heena Song

Ma Moving Image and Sound work by Heena Song
Ma Moving Image and Sound work by Heena Song
MA Moving Image and Sound work by Heena Song showing a grey still from a film, depicting flowers


My work is centered on mysticism, metaphysics and the unconscious within contemporary arthouse practice. Through the filmmaking process I aim to investigate the conflation of the materiality of cinema, the viewing experience, the viewer’s unconscious and to explore the relationship between films and the human mental states.

My investigation arises out of a fascination with archetypical, primordial themes, drawing upon modes of perception from varied disciplines. Flowing the steps of American filmmaker Nathaniel Dorsky’s film’s which reveal the mystery behind every-day existence, and influenced by director Ingmar Bergman with his eternal exploration on humanity and life, my experiments with hybrid non-linear cinema are created using a form of image alchemy, enabling film to function as a ritual. These visual and sonic illusions reference permeable boundaries between Being and non-Being, conscious and unconscious state. I use film as a medium to touch on an otherworldly realm of sensation which interacts between the retina and the brain, activates the synapses of our optic nerve. Using practice-based research, I focus on abstractly exploring the biological relation between humankind and film.

Cinematic expression strategies that I employ include temporal shifts, montage, rhythm, visual structure, persistent and the intermittent quality to explore and express the duality inherent in my subject matter. My intention is to investigate possibilities of gaining spiritual transcendence through cinematic experience.

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