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Gavin Spoors


Amygdala is a short science-fiction drama centred around the core theme of ‘logical vs emotional thinking’. The story follows Marvin; a humanoid thrust into a modern human society where he, with the help of his A.I. companion, tries to understand human emotion and live amongst humans. As we follow his journey, we see how his logical thinking clashes with emotional thinking and how it affects himself and others around him.

This work is a culmination of my research into existentialism and narcissism at the start of the year and my love for the science-fiction genre. I have always strived to produce work that takes human topics and themes, and places them in an engaging world outside our normal reality. As a writer, the challenge was creating a narrative populated with a cast of characters that didn’t merely convince but would actually resonate with audiences and evoke an emotional response. The true challenge was to produce work that stands out and innovates within a heavily-populated genre, so in order to do this I applied different concepts (artificial intelligence as autism) within different technologies (binaural sound design).

Lizzie Starling

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