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Fraser Brown

Green characters by MA Moving Image and Sound Fraser Brown
MA Moving Image and Sound characters by Fraser Brown
MA Moving Image and Sound work by Fraser Brown showing a green animated character

I am an animator, illustrator and visual development artist with a prevailing interest in engaging narrative experiences. I work primarily in 2D, hand drawn animation.

My Master’s Project has been built on a foundation of principles that define my personal work ethos: accessibility, dynamism and fun.   Working largely as a sole practitioner I have produced a self-contained narrative short, “Break Out”.  The piece uses no traditional language, vocal or written, to convey the story. I have done this to allow the film to be accessible, enjoyed globally, without barriers. Similarly, the tone is jovial, as my intention is that the film find an audience beyond its perceived children’s demographic.

My creative process sees my passion for dynamic movement expressed through character design and animation. “Break Out” serves two purposes: The basis of a project that may develop further and as a portfolio showcase. My goal within this course has been to creatively and technically develop my professional practice. I have produced this film to  reveal that development and passion to a wider client base and public audience.

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