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Owen Badham

Screenshot of a game by MA Games student Owen Badman showing monster with claws in a cave

My Masters Project has been based around developing characters and environments to work together who listically to convey narrative.

With a starting point of Japanese folklore for the aesthetic, my work explores the concepts of overcoming loss and anger through personal enlightenment and persevering through darkness.

The hand painted style environment is a literal journey down into darkness which becomes a climb up into the light as the player learns to solve puzzles and defeat enemies by outsmarting them.

The players journey takes them from the mortal world (before) through the spirit world (the environment) and on to heaven (after).

The antagonists of the environment, the Tengus and the Daitengu, are also based on Japanese folklore characters that represent war and masculinity. I’ve emphasised these qualities by using gorilla anatomy, a threatening colour pallet and historic scars that speak of their brutal history.

The final section of the environment (the Daitengu’s lair) has been set out with a ‘boss fight’ in mind, asking the players to take a step back and use environment clues (such as the breakable walls) to trick the Daitengu into destroying his own environment. This opens the way to the ‘Gate to Heaven’ at the end.





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