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Nicholas Thomas

Eight MA Games characters created by MA student Nicholas Thomas
Poster by MA Games student Nicholas Thomas showing a character looking over a city scape and the word 'THREE'

My research and creative practice has shown the effects of learning animation and the importance of its uses in games, focusing more on its application in 2D games rather than in 3D ones.  The main focus of my creative endeavour involves using forms of animation software and concept design to create movements and animations which offer new, entertaining and meaningful ways to understand the process and techniques that are employed in creating a game.

My research and experimentation has involved working with software called Spine, which allows me to take a Photoshop character image and construct a 3D skeleton onto the concept, allowing me to distort and move different parts of body to create various run, jump and attack cycles from the imported image.  The desired goal is to be able to use the artwork and animations to create a fun and engaging way of communicating my ideas with the player.  The work I am creating is being developed into a prototype game, working with a collaboration partner to show the results that have the potential to become an enjoyable and compelling gaming experience.  The prototype will be playable and presented for my Master’s degree show.

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