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Lauren Cooper

A white pattern on green background created by MA Games student Lauren Cooper

I am a firm believer that process is as important as product; whilst it is easy to look at finished work and find the beauty in it, I find that the developmental work often can lack the same appreciation as final designs despite being the reason the final work exists. Works-in-progress or preliminary work offer a window into the thoughts of the artist, a view people should indulge in experiencing.

Relating specifically to games, the lack of sharing of developmental work has lead to degrees of misunderstanding in both specialist and non-specialist spheres with regards to how games are produced and the amount of labour that can go into even one final design/model; for example as explored in Anjin Anhut’s article “Let’s Get Real About Concept Art”, when concept art is mentioned, many think of what is actually considered promotional art – finished and polished designs that represent the final stages of games development.

This problem is what forms the basis of my work, as I use textiles design and 3D modelling/concept art pipelines to produce patterns for functional merchandise suitable for games enthusiasts and the culturally aware as well as the average consumer – my aim is to bring developmental work further into the public eye so that aspiring artists and society alike may have functional reminders of the idea that even in the interactive entertainment industry: process matters.

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