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Jake Montanarini

Table top game by MA Games student Jake Montanarini
MA Games work by James Montanarini showing cards in a row
Table top game by MA Games student Jake Montanarini
Profile image of Jake Montanarini in the NUA library

A Vote of NO Confidence

From understanding and representing the self, to questioning the limits of authenticity and complicity, my work provides experiences that open up the player to an alternative perspective. By mapping real world themes onto well established game mechanics, I invite the player to use play to better understand the social, cultural and political dynamics and responsibilities of our known world.

Leaning on mechanics of negotiation, trust and building political relationships, my final project exposes the complicity of the player in the game and invites the players to question the limits of authenticity in their political life.

Alongside the playing of my games, interested parties can find my written work published in the Journal of Arts Writing for Students (JAWS) and/or attend a talk I will be delivering at the Norwich Science Festival, in partnership with UEA. This sharing and engagement with different audiences and communities is essential to the growth of my practice. As designers we must continue to grow our knowledge of games, share this with the players and shape new experiences


Twitter: @jakemontanarini


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