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Georgia Arnoup

My research for this project involved looking at women’s roles in WW2 and the contribution of women to the war effort in England. This project is personal to me and takes me full circle in terms of my research, developing my historical interest in female pilots.

I believe that art is very personal as it’s an extension of one’s soul and shows what you’re passionate about. But art also has this amazing and unique ability to connect people – an inspiration from the past, an association in the present or something which will allow you to connect to people years from now. This project celebrates the love I have for history and engineering which is embodied in the research around the Supermarine Spitfire. Most importantly, my Masters project investigates the people behind the Spitfire; from the designer, through to the pilots. This project also connects to my family, as we share a love of flight, aeroplanes along with our unique Royal Air Force (RAF) heritage.

I believe it is vital to keep history alive to celebrate and remember the people who helped pave the way for our rights and freedoms; to learn from mistakes and try not to repeat them.

Lizzie Starling

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