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Edward Waring

Student work by MA Games student Edward Waring
Student work by MA Games student Edward Waring
Student work by MA Games student Edward Waring showing 4 shadows of characters

In the not so distant future, bodies can be grown and temporarily inhabited by anyone who wanted to hire them. These vessels were originally meant to help those with poor living standards truly feel alive again. However, they were soon cornered by the rich and powerful. Those who had the money could spend a night on the town indulging in every hedonistic whim, free from the worry of consequence as their own bodies would feel no damage and their face would not be recognised. In my project you play as Harrison, a vessel that has gained independent consciousness and must now face the consequence of actions others committed in his body.

This project consists of a couple of scenes based off that game premise, one which could potentially become fully realised if given the right time and funding. The projects aim is to push the visual limitations of a traditional pixel art game, as well as realising my own take on the cyberpunk genre with themes of hedonistic consequence. I believe the themes are especially relevant as many games have us inhabit a body that is not their own and commit acts we would never consider if we were asked to do them ourselves.

I have pushed traditional pixel art limitations using a combination of 2D and 3D and creating subtle environmental clues that hint at the games larger overall narrative. Where appropriate I have either used 2D pixel sprites or 3D models with pixel art textures, which successfully pushes gaming immersion while keeping the traditional style.

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