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MA Games character of a female warrior by Charlotte Highton
MA Games character of a female warrior by Charlotte Highton
A shield made by MA Games student Charlotte Highton

Gender representation has been a long-standing issue in games and media in general, from issues around the dominant  ‘male gaze’ through to the lack of  women in lead action roles as opposed to being represented as a ‘prize’ for the hero.

Although significant advancements have been made in recent years that address this, the perseverance of a male dominated toxic gamer culture is still prevalent.  There was uproar within the gaming community  over a female playable character featuring on the box art for the yet to be released standard edition of DICE’s Battlefield V. This debate  provoked and inspired  me to create a digital, game-ready, sculpture of a legendary powerful woman: Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni Tribe.

Women have had roles, both inactive and active, in war throughout history and this piece serves to readdress the imbalance of historical representations of woman in war.  The ability to identify with characters in video games is vital to the immersivity video games allow us, to allow a cathartic experience for men and women,  highlighting the importance of fair gender representation within the industry.

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