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Virginia Bain

MA Fine Art painting by Virginia Bain of a shop with a postbox outside
MA Fine Art work by Virginia Pain
MA Fine Art work by Virginia Pain
MA Fine Art work by Virginia Pain
MA Fine Art work by Virginia Pain

My research is a phenomenology enquiry into everyday life, led by my desire to understand the experience of selfhood.  My practice is largely based on using captured moments of self, in reflection and shadow to explore identity/gender and how I understand/experience myself.

Ever/never changing self is a set of images and mood snapshots taken as I walked back from dropping my child off at the local primary school. The images were taken in the village shop window and the project has run for a full school year, the final year that I will have a child at primary school.

The project was inspired, partially, by a set of questions I had about the reliability our own self-narratives.  I wondered if the temporal description of self (both images and mood/thought snapshots), might reveal something more, about myself and my relationship with time.

Alongside the photography work I have been painting, both “en plein air” and in the studio exploring the capacity of painting to hold different, more complex temporalities inside itself and to create and represent memories.

I hope though my work to communicate some of the joy, tedium, repetitivity, complexity and mystery to be found inside everyday existence and to celebrate the, largely invisible, commitment involved in raising children.

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