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Tom Browning

Drawing of a torso and sculpture by MA Fine Art student Tom Browning
Close up of sculpture detail by MA Fine Art student Tom Browning
Sculpture of a torso by MA Fine Art student Tom Browning

I create a menagerie of unsightly forms portraying various aspects of the human condition. My Practice revolves around the interrogation of the human condition through the use of inhuman forms primarily through sculptural and charcoal based mediums. Within my ongoing body of work I have focused my attention on the human, beast hybrids of classic folklore. These titular figures have been a constant presence within our culture, such as werewolves, Minotaur’s, fauns etc.

These beings have been created as plinths onto which we as a society project the darker aspects of the human condition. For example the bipedal wolf from Little Red Riding Hood acts as the embodiment of a human sexual predator. By projecting such taboos onto a humanoid crossed with animalistic traits, we as a society attempt to distance our species from darker attributes we otherwise label as animalistic or monstrous. ‘Monster’ is derived from the term monere meaning to remind or recollect, therefore in my practice I create monstrous hybrids to remind us of the darker aspects of the human condition, a primitive psychological mechanism to escape the real violence in contemporary society.



2019     Two Lives in colour, group show, Norwich, East Gallery, East Anglia Arts Foundation.

2018     NUA Degree Show 2018, group show, Norwich, project space 1, Norwich University of the Arts.


2018      Dubery and Brogden East Anglia Art Foundation.


2018 – 2019      Martin-Redman Partners.

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