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Tod Heron

Work by MA Fine Art student, Tod Heron showing pipe in sand next to ashtray
MA Fine Art work by Tod Heron showing wall with plaster cast on it
MA Fine Art work by Tod Heron

My practice is an exploration of the tension between man and the natural world, which uses plaster and metals to demonstrate similarities and relationships that exist between humans and our environment. In the case of Passage of Time and Progress I have explored the beach environment and how we as a species have impacted it. In Passage of Time, I have aimed to use the aesthetic of the cliff face to display the subtle relationship between the erosion of the beach and the erosion of our bodies. The lifecycle of a cliff is seemingly infinite and displays its rugged resilience, similar to the wrinkles of an elderly man or women which reflect the story of their lives. One panel shows a younger cliff, then the next a cliff face becoming more and weathered, revealing veins of precious metals. In Progress, I have explored our continuing impact on the environment through misuse of materials and dumping of non-degradable substances. One side shows very few visible signs of pollution, like our daily lives. Then the other side reveals the darker, more destructive side of our behaviours, like the images of a landfill site.

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