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Thomas Hill

Painting by MA Fine Art student Tom Hill of Ketts Yard featuring a sculpture on a table in front of a painting
'Knifeman' by MA Fine Art student Tom Hill showing a painting of a man holding a knife in his mouth
MA Fine Art student Tom Hill self portrait

My practice has its foundation in drawing from observation which has been a life-long passion. During the MA, I have been trying to develop concepts around the act of drawing and painting as a record of inner experience.

A mark on a surface is a mark of time, the artist’s time and more specifically a mark of their attention. What we give attention to is what we find valuable in life. Therefore, the marks of a draftsman or painter, the information inscribed, can be imbued with meaning.

In my work, the approach is often quite spontaneous and raw. Drawing or painting directly to try and catch the feeling of the subject matter depicted. Often water-based mediums are used in order to allow a freedom of motion. Life moves fast and I strive to keep up with it and develop my art accordingly.

My work acknowledges that art is not just socially constructed, but there is a deep biological urge within us to view and engage with art forms recorded with the human touch; in this way, visual information the artist puts into the work is reflected back at the viewer.

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