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Ted Byard

MA Fine Art work by Ted Byard
MA Fine Art work by Ted Byard
MA Fine Art work by Ted Byard

I am learning to paint. My work up to this point, is a record of that attempt. Personally, painting is a challenge; it represents a challenge to the fear of my own external expression, a fight. A personal journey, painting made from the scars of that battle.

Post-war British art of the last century, the art of landscape and figure, of the figurative and non-figurative, influence my own goals and I hope to use that visual sense and feeling, in a reaction to the contemporary setting where fashionable abstraction thrives.

It is the process of constructing an idea that is important at this stage, with purely personal conclusions. I want to speak through the work. Creating form and my own aesthetic principles drive the work; theme or subject matter is a starting point, nothing more. I strive to make something worthwhile, not pretty, not decorative, but a kind of beautiful in its response to the idea. To move oneself, that is the goal. What you are looking at is more important than what you are told.

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