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Scott Stuart

MA Fine Art work by Scott Stuart
MA Fine Art work by Scott Stuart
MA Fine Art work by Scott Stuart

I have been exploring the relationship between ceramic materials and processes and ‘location’, ‘time’ and ‘memory’, archaeology and my own ties to a shared industrial heritage. I come from a small village in Derbyshire known for its mining history, once home to a long gone and socially forgotten porcelain pottery.

I have been experimenting with the production of my own clays and glazes through the collection and refinement of raw clay and materials from Norfolk and Derbyshire. My ongoing lines of enquiry have interwoven threads of methodology and research.  The work has been predominantly phenomenological in nature but an autoethnographic research processes has become increasingly relevant. I have experimented with organic burnout within a ceramic body and how this might relate to time, memory and presence in absence. In making with clay I have considered how this may be seen to arrest time for material from a given location.

The ceramic vessels pairs intend to encapsulate the essence and time of a location through the material of the landscape from whence it came. A ceramic ‘core sample’ showing stratified layers of clay blends and organic materials intend to allude to geological time and our association with a location.

Lizzie Starling

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