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Sarah Sabin

MA Fine Art work by Sarah Sabin
MA Fine Art work by Sarah Sabin
MA Fine Art work by Sarah Sabin

My background as an artist has involved working on site specific and site responsive projects that were highly localised and commission based.

For my Masters project, I have commissioned myself to explore new connections and geographies, beyond an original site. I wish to explore what  site is and what it can be.  I have investigated how a specific site can be extended beyond its original location and mobilised as part of a wider discourse. A key research question has been, how I can I engage audiences beyond the site, and create work that is affordable to produce?

Using the above as a framework, I have undertaken field work, and remote versions, to explore and connect various locations via the Cretaceous chalk layer, a kind of Cretaceous twinning. No modern borders exist, and connections are between different eras and epochs.

The work I will produce, will not have any final conclusions, but will act as findings. These will include objects or artefacts made from clay, chalk and amalgams of various found or donated materials from the sites; mapping using paper made from site vegetation and papers; and a film made of excerpts from locations and material processes, filmed entirely on an iPhone.

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