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Sarah James

MA Fine Art work showing patterned fabric with blue and grey on
MA Fine Art work showing patterned fabric with blue and grey on
MA Fine Art work by Sarah James showing a model hand

During my time at Norwich University of the Arts I have created work on the theme of mental health and the use of pharmaceuticals in the treatment of mental health conditions.

Mental health has become more of a contemporary issue as it has emerged more recently in the media. The Norfolk & Waveney Mental Health Service has been in local news several times over the past few years reporting a poor standard of care due to a lack of funding.

Primarily employing printmaking, textiles and sculpture, my work hinges on my own experience of having a mental health condition and the volume of the medication I have taken – using this in my artwork has been a form of self-therapy for me, allowing me to work through and deal with difficult memories creatively.

My work looks at the scale of the pharmaceutical industry and the way in which medication seems to be handed out freely to patients without addressing underlying issues or offering other forms of treatment or therapy. I am interested in the way we readily accept over the counter or on prescription, how dependent our society is on pharmaceuticals and how casually we use them.

My practice is a statement of how there seems little helpful treatment for people with mental health problems under the NHS or in the community for arts and mental health.

PITY PARTY Exhibition at Studio 20, Norwich 24th July 2018


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