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Ruth Butler

MA Fine Art work by Ruth Creasey featuring bright coloured paints
Canvas painting by MA Fine Art student Ruth Creasey
MA Fine Art work by Ruth Creasey featuring colourful shapes and grafitti
MA Fine Art work by Ruth Creasey featuring coloured shapes

I use systems of layering and juxtaposition to investigate the possibilities of the surface I am working on. I do not begin with a predetermined outcome. There is a mix of intentional moves alongside the spontaneous and accidental. The painting process becomes a back and forth, each mark a response to what has gone before, as I search for a resolution. The journeys are there to be seen, traces of previous layers remain in the finished work. I am interested in contrasts; the geometric and organic, transparency and opacity, solid and floating shapes, edges, lines and planes, luminous against muted colours. I look to create a certain tension in my work, for it to contain an energy. I don’t like things to be centred or complete. Shapes intrude from the edge of the picture plain or pass across it extending over the edge. There isn’t a specific subject matter. Subconsciously my daily observations do have a bearing on the work I make; the play of light and shadow, colour changes throughout the day, the forms and patterns I notice as I walk through the landscape, but I want the viewer to make their own interpretations. I don’t want to dictate a meaning, I want to open up a space in the imagination.

Lizzie Starling

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