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Ruth Brumby

MA Fine Art work by Ruth Brumby showing a blanket made of plaster
MA Fine Art work by Ruth Brumby showing an iron sculpture hung with blue material
Plaster cast work by MA Fine Art student Ruth Brumby
White plaster, MA Fine Art work by Ruth Brumby

Out of Order: walking through a changing landscape.

Walking is central to my practice. I walk every day, mostly in North Norfolk. I imagine a line of walking, which is also a line of thinking and a line through time.

By making this work I thought through feelings about change: seasonal, historical, personal (in my aging self), political and environmental.

Papier mache, as a medium and in its processes, seems to me to embody concepts about waste, human impact, reversible and irreversible change, value and impermanence.

These sculptural pieces relate to sites seen on my walks, shown in photographs. It’s important to me that the pieces are not in the sites. I didn’t want to litter up the landscape with art.  I wanted to make something unmonumental and impermanent. The pieces are intended to form a trail within a gallery, referring back to the landscape.

Landscape itself is constructed by people, on the ground and culturally. While making the work I thought about Repton, Arcadia, land art and the links between landscape and identity.

I hope that meaning is made between the work and the site, between the gallery and the woods, between me and you, in the interplay of ambiguities.

Lizzie Starling

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