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Roanna Seekings


MA Fine Art work by Roanna Seekings with purple & orange images
MA Fine Art work by Roanna Seekings with purple & orange images
MA Fine Art work by Roanna Seekings with yellow images
MA Fine Art work by Roanna Seekings showing an Instagram screenshot

My Lean Ritual adopts a social commentary approach working in collaboration with an international community to explore the desire to use lean, a trending pharmaceutical drink concoction and unknown epidemic that runs alongside the current opioid crisis. Confronted with a bottle of piss coloured sprite of a young person at work and the repetitive posts of purple stained baby bottles and doubled up polystyrene cups on friend’s social media posts, I felt compelled to respond to the impact of a rising pharmaceutical substance being repurposed for recreational use.

My aim is to broaden perspectives around the desire to use and the wider impact of drug use by documenting this hidden subculture through experimental film and influencing media platform: Instagram.

Inspired by French New Wave Film, postproduction and lean culture, I use shared footage, an iPhone and Instasize to record, re-record and edit material analogous to the creation and experience of lean. I’m fascinated by the conflict between the beautiful and transgressive nature of ritualistic user behaviour and the aesthetic of lean informed by process, creation and reward. The outcome attempts to present a documentary style, collaborative experimental film that moves away from traditional depictions of drug use in documentary.

Since beginning the MA, I have exhibited at New Masters Exhibition at St Mary’s Work’s, Site 2: Health at Studio 20, Consume at Nunns Yard, Lucid Exhibition in Bristol, MA Interim Show at NUA, Dialogues at the Norwich Art Shop, and an open studio event, But I Like Making Things. I have presented my work at Let’s Talk Creative Practice, New Masters Exhibition, Cambridge Inter-institutional Fine Art Symposium, and the MA Podcast. I was assistant sculptor to Polly Ionides and assistant mould and cast maker to Nick Brooks for the Wells Sculpture Trail. I have also been a student ambassador for the MA.

Social commentary Instagram page: @my_lean_ritual –

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Artist instagram page: @rba_roannaseekings –



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