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Remy Delgado

MA Fine Art work showing 2 images with a quote in the middle
MA Fine Art yellow and black collage over a garage by MA Fine Art student Remy Delgado
Grey picture of MA Fine Art work by Remy Delgado showing a building and person standing outside it

My background as a young artist in Margate consisted of graffiti and tagging, photographing big tower blocks and brutalist architecture and exploring places that maybe I shouldn’t have been exploring. As I began to get older my practice grew into an infatuation with spaces, my own found utopias, the cultures within those public spaces and the potentials of both the people and the places. Graffiti and tagging turned into mixed-media works – that could exist in and outside a gallery. Looking at organisations such as; Assemble, Soft Touch and MUF it is clear to see that art and facilitating art has a huge impact on all those involved. Facilitating art, promoting accessible exhibitions and artist ran spaces has a profound effect on the community and local areas and this is now where my focus has tuned to. I began working on a brand / organisation called Publicframework in 2018. Currently Publicframework is running a project titled ‘The Home Project’ which begins exploring the publics ideology of Home. The main aims of the company are to engage with the public to promote arts, create a unique frame by encouraging and facilitating people to create and exhibit works in public space.



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