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Nikita Payne

Work by MA Fine Art student Nikita Payne showing purple and green patterns
Work by MA Fine Art student Nikita Payne showing two projectors projecting work onto a wall
Work by MA Fine Art student Nikita Payne

Images form an integral part of historical, cultural and contemporary human communication. My practice explores how communications through ‘seeing’ can be depicted within paintings in order to capture a visual language that poses its viewers to question how and what they see. By turning the lenses through which we view imagery in on themselves, the images I make become about the exploration of the act of looking.

For me as an artist, the repetitive act of the painting process enables me to reassess and release what it is that I’m observing. Once complete, new ways of seeing emerge.  In my research I have compared these new ways of seeing towards theories of how images are ‘read’ and interpreted as a model of communication.  These multiple approaches to looking at the painting, and about ways of seeing, therefore becomes an integral part to the experience of the painted object.  The result is one that is equally illustrative of, but abstracted from the unconscious act of looking.

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