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Lynnette Betts

MA Fine Art work by Lynnette Betts
MA Fine Art work by Lynnette Betts

The body of work produced focuses on using an array of materials and mediums to give visual representations to internal and external states of mind and being.

The physical manifestations of concepts have predominantly taken the form of still and moving imagery, sculptural components and experimentations of the union of these elements as installation art.

Using my own body and mind as an initial tool and medium, I explore and interact with light, space and objects to create shadows and symbolic imagery. Pieces can be material or concept led, but at the core is a need to create from the personal through what I know, see, discover and experience.

Influences for practical and theoretical approaches are neither wholly modern nor ancient, but an innate blend of the two. Inspiration is taken from a variety of avenues including: ancient artworks, the Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Ratio (nature’s mathematical codes for growth/life), architecture, Le Corbusier, performance, religious and spiritual rituals, and techniques used for coping with thoughts, feelings, emotions and environments – such as meditation and mindfulness.

The work has developed into an exploration of social and art communities, movements and societies that work within the realms of a manifesto and shared ethos.

Instagram: @lynnettebettsarts 

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