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Lindsay Jolly

Coloured tapestry by MA Fine Art student Lindsay Jolly
White sculpture by MA Fine Art student Lindsay Jolly
White sculpture with an eye by MA Fine Art student Lindsay Jolly


I am a disabled artist working in media that are physically challenging to me as a way of breaking my personal boundaries of containment. Art has allowed me to build myself up from an existence of isolation to finding a way of living that works for me, thus creating a feeling of deep need to be outdoors involved with culture, nature and the world.

In a frenetic world, art allows me to separate myself and create a space to breathe and think where there is quiet and stillness.

I chose to work in hand carving stone partially because it is physically challenging and partially due to my love of collaboration with materials. I love the process of working the stone directly with hand tools and the challenges that it throws my way. Each and every stone that is worked responds in its own way so I try not to set out with a determined outcome, instead building on what emerges from the stone. I enjoy working with stones that have had another life or purpose before I encounter them and I relish the notion that I am just one small part of a much longer story.

I completed my BA (Hons) Fine Art at Norwich University of the Arts in 2017 and since then have completed a traditional skills and sustainability residency in Romania culminating in designing and painting a collaborative mural for a museum in the mountains of the Transylvania region. I am one half of the collaborative duo that created Epoche: Suspension of Judgement at St. Peter Hungate Church in Norwich.

I have worked closely with artists and materials in a variety of roles for Pop My Mind & Premium Art Brands. I was winner of the Jennifer Davies Bursary Award in 2017 and received high commendation in the Bishop’s Art Prize 2017 & 2019.

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