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Liam Ashley Clark

MA Fine Art work by Liam Ashley Clark
MA Fine Art work by Liam Ashley Clark
MA Fine Art work by Liam Ashley Clark

In my recent practice I have made a conscious decision to produce politically and socially influenced works. I have set out to use my voice as an artist to create discussion around current problems faced by humanity, in this instance; climate change.

Taking influence from Renaissance painters as well as contemporary and outsider artists, my work, based largely within painting, invites the audience to dwell on the possible outcomes of such threats, but also consider potential solutions. Presented as a triptych, the work creates a narrative of causes, outcomes and solutions. I use humour and the naivety of my painting style to allow the subject matter to become more approachable to the viewer.

I have exhibited works across the UK and Europe, including group exhibitions in Tate Liverpool, Guilluame Deappen, Basel, three Secret 7” exhibitions in London, and a solo exhibition in Norwich Arts Centre. I have been published multiple times, as an artist, photographer and illustrator, including a monograph of photographs of ‘Bad Graffiti’ published by TYRO Collective. I have been selected for Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2019, am a member of the artist collective TBA, and represented by Swiss-based illustration agency; Studio Pony. I have also been selected for the Saatchi Art Rising Stars Report 2019.

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