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Laure Van Minden

MA Fine Art work by Lauren Van Minden
MA Fine Art work by Lauren Van Minden
MA Fine Art work by Lauren Van Minden

My research explores the language of drawing and what it means to me in an ever increasingly fast-paced life. Drawing has become a connection between myself and the environment, a response to experiences and a way to be in the moment. “Drawing is the moment” said Claude Heath. I have been drawing sounds from live concerts of experimental music, jazz, flamenco guitar and by brass bands. You will also find me in a coach or a train drawing with both hands and allowing motion to capture lines and be the energy of the drawing. During those authentic instants, I relinquish judgement and refuse to consult “the aesthetic prejudice of the moment, which we usually do when we draw if our eyes are open” (William Anastasi).

My nocturnal drawings are born from the deep need to achieve peace at night. I compare them with a lullaby, like Louise Bourgeois did. They are made in the dark and are an automatic response to my sleeplessness. In those liminal moments, I have no conscious control of what I draw or write, and traces of time are squashed and layered on paper. Drawing is becoming a meditative and therapeutic companion and the drawings record a temporal palimpsest highlighting underlying existential anxieties.


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