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Keron Beattie

MA Fine Art work by Keron Beattie
MA Fine Art work by Keron Beattie
MA Fine Art work by Keron Beattie

I research ideas of fragmentation, remaking and wholeness.  In doing so, my starting point is always exploring and understanding the material I have chosen, or found, and the potential processes which may emerge from this experimentation.  I seek to facilitate the creation of the forms which emerge from the creative interplay between material, process and time.

I prefer to use found and recycled objects and these are generally worked by hand using traditional tools and techniques.  The slower process of hand working encourages a way of seeing and then re-seeing the materials and their possible potential.

For my MA project I have worked exclusively with a combination of glass and lead to explore and build on the historical resonances of these traditional materials, while also deploying their properties in new and original ways.

My work is almost always small scale, which together with using found or recycled material (which in turn can be recycled) keeps the carbon footprint of my activity as low as possible.  Working to a domestic scale also encourages works to be looked at more carefully and to find a place in the home as well as the gallery.  All these aspects are important to my practice.

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