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Katherine Hyman

MA Fine Art work by Katherine Hyman featuring blue rectangle and white shapes
MA Fine Art work by Katherine Hyman featuring blue rectangle and white shapes

Inspired by the American Precisionists I have been working in a flat picture plane. Observing the shapes of industrial buildings dominating the Norfolk skyline,  sturdy with pride and purpose, crucial to the environment like behemoths in their vernacular, I feel bewildered by their beauty and function. Aiming to capture their strength of structure, dramatic colour and aesthetic worth, my current paintings in acrylic enable me to express my fascination with this beautiful architecture devoid of human presence or vegetation.

Since starting the MA in Fine Art I have been painting through experimentation, using impasto methods enabling me to feel able to express my feelings by gesture, developing  space, light and colour in the work and experimenting with scale surface and texture. Using sturdy wooden panels and painting industrial structures has developed a sculptural quality to my work. This method of self-expression complements my previous diverse practice which includes sculpture, photography and installation.

Originally from Nottinghamshire I moved to Norfolk and worked in education for a number of years and eventually moved to Norwich in 2006. As a young Artist I won a prize for sculpture, in 2012 was runner-up in the Bishop’s Art Prize with Angels, a hanging installation of golden fluorescent lighting which was also selected for exhibition for Norfolk Day 2018, in Norwich Cathedral. My work New Light was selected for NUA’s N170 exhibition where the image was projected onto the Gallery window during the evenings.

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