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Kate Walker


MA Fine Art work by Kate Walker of a landscape
MA Fine Art work by Kate Walker of a gradient black and grey tent in a factory next to a window
MA Fine Art work by Kate Walker of 2 landscapes
MA Fine Art work by Kate Walker of a landscape in black and grey
MA Fine Art work by Kate Walker of a landscape

My work references geology, deep time, the layering of strata, brushstrokes, materials, and substrates, through an elemental study of landscape and painting.

The liberation of sky, earth, and water allows the paintings to become more descriptive of environment, the focus having been diverted from the dominant horizon line. They become inscapes as well as landscapes, to be experienced rather than explained.

My painting process has at times become analogous to sedimentation, downward brushstrokes mimicking the geological passage of material. In an attempt to find a real way to connect with the landscape I have worked from watercolour paintings made at my chosen sites.

Field trips to Flixton Quarry with a geologist have allowed me to immerse myself physically within the depths of the Earth, coming face to face with strata laid down millions of years ago. This traversing of time inspired research into Edmund Husserl’s theory of phenomenological reduction; ‘reduction’ not by ‘making smaller’, but rather a ‘leading back to’ (derived from the Latin ‘reducere’). I remove mimetic detail, constructed symbols, and often the paint itself, in an attempt to reveal a true experience of our constantly evolving landscape.

I am a current recipient of the Fred Dubery scholarship awarded by the East Anglia Art Fund and have recently been shortlisted for the Sir John Hurt Art Prize. One of six artists selected to take part in the ‘Woven Waters’ project with the Broads Authority, I will be exhibiting at Norwich Cathedral Hostry in December of this year. My work is collected widely and exists in private collections nationally.


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