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Julia Cunningham

MA Fine Art work by Julia Cunningham showing a woman holding chains and a rope on top of dirt
MA Fine Art work by Julia Cunningham showing a woman writing on a whiteboard
MA Fine Art work by Julia Cunningham showing a woman typing on a type writer on a plinth

BODY               ​memory, archive, tool

MEMORY ​      language, personal, universal

MUD ​              the earth, childlike, reputation

AUTHENTICITY        ​discussion, performance

LIBERATION ​            from a socio-cultural repression, from fragility

I like to use things that are sourced from the everyday; typewriters, city-streets, exercise equipment, food. In my latest performance The Mud Dance, I perform with a costume made from chain and mud pods. There are two parts to The Mud Dance, the earthly and feminine but also the slop, chain and weight.

I began by creating a character named Sandra. Sandra is the personification of a problem, an internal repression drawn from cultural interference. I assessed how much of Sandra was my own or if potentially, she could be viewed as a collective mental construct.

Is The Mud Dance an act of love? Of purging or co-existing?

The body is an archive, a machine, it is the navel of my experience. I am interested in the body, how it moves, how it stores information, how I can access and reveal it.

I perform as a conductor.

My manuscript, The House of the Body, takes the cathartic elements of my practice further. This text is a meditation on memory drawn directly from the body.

Instagram: @jcunninghamart

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