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Josh Mutton

MA Fine Art work by Josh Mutton

My practice explores themes of morality and ethics, aiming to expose the truths behind commercial industries and the ephemeral nature of contemporary materialism

The work relies on creating a dialogue often challenging the viewer to question the origin of their material goods, specifically clothing.

As a result, my work is a hybrid of design tropes and art activism, which comment on social injustices such as modern slavery.  I use my own moral and spiritual values to inform my work, using religious text and juxtaposing it with what could be perceived as the shallow and empty images used in advertising.

Naturally, I consider themes of personal identity and the consequences of when ‘the self’ is taken away and all that is left is the abstraction of ‘the other. I am interested in the space where individual and group identity merge, creating a complex and fluid contradiction of self-awareness and identity.

The work is an embodiment of the way in which one consumes data, manipulating advertising techniques in order for my works to target individuals and be seen, creating noise that demands to be heard.

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