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Harvey Wyatt

Colourful painting by MA Fine Art student Harvey Wyatt
Painting of an expressive face by MA Fine Art student Harvey Wyatt

As an artist, I work predominantly within the realms of Pop Culture, Feminism and Gender. Through a vast exploration of image making, I aim to illustrate a variety of both my own and general views on how female characters are represented in Pop Culture. Characters like Wonder Woman, Princess Leia and Lara Croft all play major role within my practice. How are these women represented has powerful yet beautiful, strong yet loving, brave yet kind? Are female characters sexualised or are we seeing them in that way solely because they are female?

I experiment and aim to distort the traditions of image making within these realms, combining both painterly and graphic elements into the work that aims to create outcomes that are both visually compelling as well as defying the convention of known Pop Art.

This idea of subverting convention is something that links both my context and work, showing these female characters that changes the idea of feminine, they change expectations that are placed on them solely for being female.

Overall as an artist I make work based on the female characters I grew up with, female characters that taught me to defy expectation.

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