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Doron Beuns

MA Fine Art work by Doron Beuns showing a man over four squares covered in paint
Work by MA Fine Art student Doron Beuns showing clothes and underwear
Work by MA Fine Art student Doron Beuns showing a bust head

My Master’s project, I estrange therefore I am, consists of a set of familiar and unfamiliar approaches to self-portraiture that address the relationship between self and other. Within this relationship between self and other we create, love, resent, destroy, adapt and resist. Each of these interactions emerge from a friction between autonomy and relatedness in our pursuit of self-determination. This mechanism is essential as it enables the individual to break away from the past and adapt to new relations. My body of work explores both of these aspects. The act of the individual breaking away from the past is explored through the destruction of rejected objects and images, those of myself and other artists. The act of the individual adapting to new associations is explored by transforming these objects and images into new materials and casting them into works of art that reference the form or measurements of my body. This altogether results in a series of works that demonstrate how the individual could correspond with its external environment. In other words, the project expresses various ways in which the self could relate to the other. ​

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