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Charlie Barkus

MA Fine Art work showing the exterior of a building by MA Fine Art student Charlie Barkus
MA Fine Art work showing a house with stairs by Charlie Barkus
MA Fine Art work showing houses in a row on some wallpaper by Charlie Barkus

The construction of walls divide nothing from nothing. They separate space and create a spectacle which frames our existence. Space flows around walls, and it is the site within into which we place ourselves. In ‘The Book of Tea’ (1906) Kakuzo Okakura explains how ‘the usefulness of a water pitcher dwelt in the emptiness where water might be put in, not in the form of the pitcher or the material of which it is made’. We fill the emptiness with objects that document our lived experiences; every site is classified by what is within.

Garden wall structures frame the boundaries of the site, a representation of space created within the gallery environment. The wallpaper is a document of the boundaries between sites and the installation as a whole represents the transition between states. My practice concerns itself with the physical representation of themes and ideas. Elements are drawn together as a form of research for further work. An awareness of Space, Architecture, Landscape, Boundaries; all have an influence on how and why the work has been created.


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