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Libby Double

MA Fashion work by Libby Double showing a woman holding a flower under her chin

I make one-of-a-kinds. No garment is ever the same. I work with reclaimed materials as well as organic and fairtrade, and dye fabrics with plants I’ve sourced sustainably. Sustainability is woven into every part of what I do, but that’s not what my work is about.

I make clothing that celebrates the process: the raw, the traditional, the beauty in being one to one with the craft. This has been so forgotten in today’s flooded market of cheap identikit clothing. Clothing has become throwaway. Is clothing an expression of self or fast moving trends?

Inspired by my materials, my immediacy and my last step, I make with my hands, soul, experience and philosophy.

So, in that respect every piece is a self-portrait.

Not every person will like it, understand it, appreciate it or find the work resonates.

Those who feel the world in a similar way will see its unspoken beauty.

Creating for me is knowing myself, loving my process, seeing it as part of me and using each new creation as an evolution. Do we use our experience to learn and grow? Or do we stay where we are and keep creating the same kind of life?

Repeat or evolve? That’s why I choose to make one-of-a-kinds.

Lizzie Starling

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