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Kirsty George

Black dress on mannequin by MA Fashion student Kirsty George
Close up of the side of a black garment by Kirsty George, MA Fashion
Details on a black corset by MA Fashion student Kirsty George
Black corse it on a mannequin by Kirsty George
Black garment with long sleeves and billowing shoulders on a mannequin by MA Fashion student Kirsty George

My work is based on subculture and dressing against the mainstream. I enjoy combining juxtaposing themes to create experimental and contradicting designs. I am inspired by the feminine alien aspects of Thierry Mugler, Jean-Paul Gaultier’s structured body shaping and the do-it-yourself style of Pam Hogg.

For my latest work I researched late 18th Century regal womenswear for silhouette, focusing on distorting and exaggerating the figure through corsetry and padding. just as women did during that era.

The Punk scene has strong connotations of destruction and DIY and this comes through in my use of recycled plastic and the creation of unique innovate materials to work with.

My work is a protest against mainstream ideals and the style trends stolen from various subculture identities. Inspired by Vivienne Westwood I too aim to promote the same an anti-trend and anti-fashion ethos. or

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